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Do you take my insurance?
We are a unique office in many respects. One of the areas that we differ from other offices is that we treat all patients the same, regardless of the dental insurance or lack thereof. This means that we are an out-of-network provider for all insurances. If a dental plan is a PPO then you will still be able to receive and use your insurance benefits. A huge advantage we offer to our patients, as an out-of-network provider, is that patients will be able to make appointments faster and have a higher quality of care and more doctor time. Another huge advantage you may experience is that if your dental care exceeds your insurance benefits, which is often the case, we offer many different payment options for patients and be more flexible with financial situations. Whether you need dentures or general teeth cleaning, you don’t have to worry about us accepting your insurance. See our financial webpage for more information.
How much is a dental implant?
Teeth implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. It allows the patient to replace a missing tooth with that which most closely resembles a natural tooth. Dental implants can vary in cost depending on the situation in which the dental implant is being used. If dental implant therapy is being performed, it almost always exceeds all the dental insurance benefits provided with most plans. We believe that dentistry should be affordable and offer many different types of payment options for patients. See our webpage specifically designed for people wanting more information on dental implants.
How quickly can I get a new set of dentures made?
Dentures are a tried and true method of replacing all of our missing teeth. They are made of plastic acrylic and white plastic teeth. They are often the least expensive way to replace missing teeth and to help a patient heal when the diseased teeth are removed. Because a denture is a custom fit and specifically designed for each person, a denture usually takes multiple appointments to make. With the denture being handcrafted in a local laboratory this often takes a few weeks to complete. After the new denture is delivered to the patient, follow-ups need to be done to make adjustments until the denture fits comfortably. Visit our webpage dedicated to dentures and missing teeth.
How soon can I schedule a new patient appointment?
Looking to schedule an appointment with our implant dentist? We believe that having immediate access to care is a high priority for patients. Our goal is to see emergency patients, those that have severe pain and/or infection, on the same day they call. If a patient is seeking a new patient evaluation, we strive to get each patient in within 1 week of their phone call. However, we can always find a time that will work with the patient’s schedule and their life. Visit our home page and request a new patient appointment now. Or call (775) 392-3209 and request an appointment with one of our reception team members.
Do you offer payment plans?
Dentistry is something that often gets neglected in our healthcare. Because of this, the cost of dentistry can often be more expensive than expected. We are flexible in allowing patients to pay for things like veneers over time and offering many different types of payment options. See our financial webpage for more information.