A unique experience

Sep 12, 2022


Have you ever shown up to a medical or dental appointment and had NO CLUE what was expected as a patient? That unknown feeling can make one feel uncertain- producing feelings of nervousness and anxiousness. We have a wide range of patients come into our dental office, and we feel it might help you manage feelings of dental apprehension if we describe 3 different scenarios of what your experience may look like at Carson Valley Dental Arts.

For urgent treatment, like a toothache or a significant problem, that you are looking to resolve the same day; it is called Reactive. If you are in immediate pain and want same day treatment, we can offer that service and allow you to receive care and hopefully reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you are feeling in a timely manner. This patient can expect to have their pain addressed and given options for dental treatment.

The next group of patients is called Proactive. A Proactive patient is looking to maintain current dental health with dental cleanings and usually treat their dental problems before they progress. Usually, your teeth are treated as the issues arise, whether it’s a small cavity or a small crack in the tooth. This patient can expect to be seen on a routine basis with dental care and are often able to work with the dentist in developing a strong and healthy smile.

The final group of patients we see usually comes in and is interested in a more comprehensive and full mouth rehabilitation.  This patient may be interested in dental implants and cosmetic treatments, the initial comprehensive appointment is longer to ensure we can go over future treatment options and costs. Depending on the amount of treatment needed an entire treatment plan is developed within the first visit and the patient is scheduled for a second consultation follow-up to walk through dental treatment options. This patient is ready to put their dental health first and finally get the smile they have always wanted.

When you make your initial appointment with the front desk staff, it is crucial that we are aware of your expectations so we can ensure the treatment you receive meets in line with your overall dental goals. We believe you should receive the smile you have always wanted, and this starts at your first dental visit with us. This would include if you are looking for same-day treatment, if you are interested in dental implants, or just getting established with a regular dental cleaning schedule.  We want you to Live Pain-Free, Feel Confident, and Look Beautiful!