How to Find a Good Dentist for Implants

Jul 25, 2022

Finding the right dentist for a dental implant can sound difficult at first. It’s an in-depth procedure, after all! According to Dentistry Today, one of every five low-income U.S. adults has not seen a dentist recently, and this lack of care only increases the chance of implants being necessary. Dental implants can be a life-changing procedure, as they’re a practical solution for patients who want to regain their smiles. Below are essential tips for finding a dental implant dentist near you.

Check for Credentials and Additional Training

When looking for a dental implant dentist, you should ask about their credentials, or at least check their website. Asking your dentist if they have specialty training in implant dentistry will also help ease your mind. It will give you an idea of how much expertise they have with the procedure. The ideal dental implant dentist also maintains a certain level of continuing education.

Find Out the Dentist’s Experience Level

Experience is always necessary when it comes to the search for a dental implant service. You should look for those who have spent more time offering dental services in clinics and hospitals. Such professionals have the right experience for your implant procedure. It’s also crucial to ask your dentist about their specific level of knowledge in this area. Be sure to determine whether they have any extra training they can share with you or not.

Check Online Reviews

You may want to do some additional research on a dental implant dentist before you choose them. Many dentists have websites or profiles on social media and it’s there that you can learn about their experience and expertise. Take a look at reviews on search engines left by former patients, as well. These can provide you with some great insight into your potential dentist.

Schedule a Consultation Session

Take your time and schedule a consultation with a dental implant professional before choosing them. A one-on-one session will give you a better sense of whether any potential issues will arise during the procedure. If you’re seeing a new dentist, get a cleaning with them first to see if you’re comfortable in the chair. These steps will give you more confidence that their recommended treatments are necessary and trustworthy.

Now that you have these tips on finding a dental implant dentist, do your research to find the right one. Ensure the professional has the credentials and training necessary for good results. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Contact or email us at Carson Valley Dental Arts today to set up an appointment. You can always count on our dental implant and dentistry services.