Reasons You May Need a Dental Implant

May 23, 2022

There are many reasons you may need teeth implants at some point in your life. A lot of us want to believe that implant dentistry is only for very unique, unusual scenarios, but the truth is that it’s much more common than you think. There are a variety of reasons that could land someone in the dentist’s chair for an implant procedure. Perhaps there’s even a reason that applies to you right this minute.

It’s important that you visit your dentist at least twice a year for routine visits to address issues like the potential need for implants. Sadly though, most of us ignore our dental hygiene needs. According to Dentistry Today, one in five Americans admitted that they haven’t visited the dentist recently. If you fall into that category, it’s important that you set up an appointment right away. Your dentist can assess your teeth and inform you if an implant procedure might be in your future. Here are some situations where that may be the case.

Missing Teeth

If someone’s visiting an implant dentist, missing teeth are the most common culprit. This is likely the most obvious item on this list. A dental implant is a great way to replace a missing tooth or teeth without having to commit to a full set of dentures or veneers.

Damaged Teeth

You might not be missing an entire tooth, but perhaps you have a chipped or misshapen tooth. An implant dentist can remedy this by replacing the tooth roots or replacing the tooth outright. This will create the look and feel of an entirely new, complete tooth.

Discolored Teeth

If you have a tooth that’s discolored due to infection, injury, or any other circumstance, dental implants can be the answer to your prayers. An implant dentist can replace the discolored tooth with something that matches the rest of your teeth to create a cohesive, complete smile that you’ll be proud to show off.

Weakened Teeth

Weak or soft teeth are a common problem caused by a variety of medical conditions. They can also be a side effect of certain medications. If your teeth are weak or worn down, a replacement may be in order. An implant dentist can replace the roots of the tooth to help restore some of the tooth’s strength and restore it back to normal.

You may be surprised how many folks are out there walking around with dental implants in their mouths. Since implants look and function like regular teeth, you’d never know the difference! If you think you may benefit from the services of an implant dentist, make an appointment with your primary dentist. They can either provide the services for you or refer you to a specialist who can. If you need our services, give us a call.